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In an effort to save time and money, poorly managed projects often make three fatal errors, significantly limiting the chance of success:

1. They rush to develop a solution without understanding why it’s needed.  What’s the real problem that needs to be addressed….the root cause of the issue, not the symptom?

2. They focus on developing the solution, sidelining those impacted.  It’s quicker that way.  Let’s just get it in.

3. The team leaves too early.  Straight after launch day the focus goes elsewhere.  There’s no-one left to do the final vital tasks needed to embed the change into the hard wiring of the business, to make it stick.

The result?

Often, the wrong solution is developed,  The people impacted, who understand the issue deeply and feel the pain every day, weren’t involved.  (A lot of) money was spent developing something that doesn’t quite address the issue.  More time and money is needed to fix the problems.  Those that are impacted aren’t supportive, and perhaps even destructive, because they were ignored.  Lack of follow up means people just go back to what they were doing before.

This is why 70% of all projects fail

Sound familiar?  I’m here to stop you wasting your time and money.  I’m here to make your change stick.

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