Catherine was a key leader in a major change programme in UK government which I delivered. She is a bundle of energy, professionalism, accuracy and comittment. We were called in to rescue a failing project and delivered it within 2 years after 20 years of stagnation.

Howard Matthews

Project Director
Ministry of Justice, UK

Driving Energy

I was the Project Sponsor of the Global Change Transformation for Advisian, the consulting arm of WorleyParsons group. Cath was brought in to drive the people side of the change across the portfolio of 33 projects within the Programme. The very difficult industry climate at that time caused its own separate issues, making what was already a significant change all the more challenging for our business to absorb.

Cath challenged us to make sure we didn’t take the easy route of forcing changes in to our business too quickly, without first engaging those affected. Although we needed to make swift progress, it had to be right. Cath made sure she and the project teams took the time needed to bring the wider business with us in a way that engaged them. Whether it be senior execs or our operational teams, knowing Cath was managing the change created confidence across all levels.

Cath was undoubtedly the driving energy behind managing the change, but was always clear that her role wasn’t to be the one that spoke publicly to the business about the change, that was our job. Cath supported and coached us every step of the way so we could do what needed to be done.

Merrick Kerr

Global CFO
Advisian, UK

Tenacity, tact and instinctive persuasion

I was hired as program director for a global business transformation project spanning 30 countries that was fundamental to the future of the organization in question. For this multi-million dollar project, when searching for a Change Leader to join me, I was given the same name, repeatedly. Cath is an expert in her field, she is comfortable working at the most senior executive levels in the business and is able to do so with tenacity, tact and instinctive persuasion.

I relied on Cath absolutely, trusted her opinion and had no issues placing her in charge of my project for extended periods of time. Cath’s focus was always to do the right thing for the business at all times. In that, if she felt our actions were mis-aligned with that focus she didn’t shy away from raising her concerns, with tact and diplomacy. That doesn’t mean that all went Cath’s way; if it was decided to proceed otherwise, Cath would stand fully behind the project decision. I always respected and admired Cath for her ability to voice sound and reasoned arguments at every turn, to the betterment of the project.

Aaron Hudson

Global Project Director
Advisian, Australia

Consistent Success

She consistently and successfully delivered results because she was crystal clear on what had to be delivered and when it had to be delivered but she remained open to ideas about how that might be done. This approach both energized and empowered her team. She had a laser like focus on key priorities, accurately estimated timeframes, delegated well and was fantastic at dealing with the inevitable heat and resistance that comes with change.

Cath absolutely understands what’s involved in getting people in the business aligned to a change and how to sustain that momentum so that the change is embedded.

Mary Tehan

Global Change Manager
Worley Parsons, Australia


With a methodical and thought provoking process, Cath makes you think not just about the job at hand, but also all the players/stakeholders and how change will be realised using everyone – not just the few. She has the great ability to see all sides of a topic and bring empathy into discussions, especially where there might be some initial conflict. The elements that Cath instilled in our team during our time together live on today, which I think that speaks volumes about her ability to embed lasting change.

Graeme Keddie

Global IT Director
Advisian, Australia

Magic Qualities

Looking back at my career so far and many change programmes, Catherine stands out as a valuable and trusted colleague. She can work across the full change spectrum – from strategic and visionary thinking to analytically assessing and planning for complex change, and managing through to final implementation and beyond.

Most importantly, she has a real intuitive feel for the people aspects of change, engaging leaders in the overall change strategy and building relationships across the whole organisation to deliver change on the ground. She works with tremendous energy and commitment, with a real determination to get the job done, and also has a magic quality in being able to take people along with her.

Sally Cross



I was working for WorleyParsons as Project Director for a Global systems implementation. Cath was recruited to take the Organisational Change Management lead to ready the business for significant change.

This was a very challenging project with competing demands and requirements from the legacy businesses. Cath worked with the Regional Executive Team, Process Owners and the Change and Training Teams to make this implementation a success. She quickly earned the trust and respect of all the key stakeholders, helped to identify potential issues and stumbling blocks and ensured that these were satisfactorily addressed before the ‘Go Live’ decision was made. I have no doubt that her contribution to the project was a major factor in its success.

Marian Jordan

Global Project Director
Worley Parsons, Australia