What I do and how I do it

Working with your subject matter experts who know your business best, I bring the skills, focus and expertise to make your idea happen and make it last.

I don’t short-cut the process to “just get it done”.

I start at the beginning, to understand why you need something new, what’s the real business problem causing the pain. I make sure the solution alleviates the pain, supports your strategic objectives and the business case stands up!

I also tackle the tough bit that’s often missed, the human side of change. Your people will decide whether this will be a success or not.

So how do I do it?

I listen... I really listen

Puppy Listening

I learn about you and understand what’s working and what’s not. Organizations are made up of people… all people are different, and so are the organizations they create. By really listening, I understand your unique qualities and needs.

I don’t just listen to the Board, I reach out across the organization, because the different perspectives and understanding that I gain is vital.

I start with “Why?”

We need to be clear on what the real business problem is before we rush to find the answer.

Yes, this can take more time up front, I will never pretend otherwise. Time invested means because we really understand the problem, we’re now able to develop the right solution. One that works, one that will last.

The upfront investment means you save time and money preventing re-work, redesign….often, the re-work scenario leads to an outcome that never really hits the brief, because the brief was never actually understood.

I involve those impacted, and the influencers, right from the start.

By involving those impacted, the people that live the issues and feel the pain daily, we all get to benefit from their experience and insight. I also involve those that have the influence and power to say whether this project succeeds…..or fails. I take the time to understand and address their issues and concerns, so they become the loudest (positive!) ambassaors. By respecting and valuing their knowledge and views, they will do all that they can to make the initiative succeed.

I guide and facilitate from the wings, so that you can take the stage.

Leaders taking the stage

Your team don’t know (or probably care!) who I am. They care who you are – their leaders, managers, supervisors and colleagues. That’s who they want to hear from.

I do the leg work – I coach and support you through the transition, so that you can be the face and voice of the project and the change.

I tackle the difficult topics up front.

… with tact and sensitivity. I make sure that there is time for issues to be raised, understood and responded to. That doesn’t mean everyone has to agree, it means everyone has to understand the “Why”

I speak a simple language.

I don’t use jargon. For change to be inclusive, everyone has to understand what’s happening and why. By distilling complex topics and issues to the most important aspects, I can articulate a clear message that everyone understands.

I don’t walk away the morning after the launch party.

For change to stick, to become a part of your DNA, that doesn’t happen on day one, it takes time. I stay with you until your change is embedded in the nuts and bolt of how you work.